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Corporate Funding

Corporate Funding exists to personally match applicants with the right funding source for their needs. We are not shy of difficult assignments...companies that have been turned down by banks. In fact, we prefer them! Each company's needs are unique and we choose from many financing techniques to structure a solution. It's a custom approach, not a one size fits all. Our client applicants include: manufacturers, distributers, business service companies, health care industry, importers and exporters and other businesses with annual revenues of at least Rs 10,000,000, and who are unable to maintain or secure the capital they want or need at a commercial bank.

Monei Matters believes that every corporate funding/transaction begins with a thorough understanding of the business objectives and culture of a client, along with the business trends that affect their industry. By understanding a client’s business and industry we can provide cost-effective corporate funding solutions that support their immediate and long-term goals.

The customer is assured that their Monei Matters Executive will understand their industry and the equipment they need. Monei Matters corporate Funding serves a diverse range of industries and markets, providing customized approaches to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. Monei Matters Corporate Funding has both the resources and experience to work with you as a financing partner.

Monei Matters assists the small to midsize business community with their corporate funding requirements. Whether it be equity placements, sub debt arrangements, asset based lending requirements or assistance with mergers and acquisitions, a tailor made representation solution can be made for you.

Need help finding the best corporate loans, corporate funding and corporate finance options in Delhi, Ghaziabad, NCR?

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Funding Types

Equipment - Purchase and Leasing
Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing
Subordinated Debt Solutions
Equity Financing
Project Financing
Debt Restructuring
Business Acquisition Financing

Enjoy the Monei Matters Advantages:

Speed of execution.
Integrity: No hidden costs.
Standardized information requirements.
Proven ability to arrange FDI.
All transactions / approvals undergo an intensive appraisal process.
All research work for your Projects from our dedicated team of professionals.
Competitive pricing, securitisation, refinancing, multiple pre-payment windows.
Backed by sector experts, who continuously monitor our portfolio ensuring enhanced credit quality.